10 July 2009

Belmont Abbey

I have to go grovelling on my knees in apology for any I may have offended with my last post!

What horror; what can this be; who could have made such a gaff, I hear you cry out.

Well, it appears I made a comment which may, in some quarters, have been taken in the vein other than it was meant. I said the community of Worth Abbey were "possibly the friendliest community of Benedictines in the country" and I stand by this statement wholeheartedly.

My dear, dear friends at Belmont may, perhaps, have succumbed to either the sin of pride or the sin of jealousy or indeed any number of those pesky deadly seven sins. I ought to clarify - Belmont is my second home and of course they ARE the friendliest of all monks and, therefore, I was only able to say of Worth that they are possibly the friendliest.

So, if you meet any monks of Belmont these coming days, do reassure them that I remain their greatest fan and never tire of bigging them up! Tell them they are wonderful and funny and warm and inviting and great. To whom else would I run when in need, but to Belmont. Tell them I love them!

So, humble apologies, and long may I be invited to the home of the Bastions of Bonhomie at Belmont!

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  1. Relax and know that all the preparation is done.Anyone thinking of you will be praying for you,not nursing hurt feelings.Anyway,they can always confess to you next week,if they are! Don't rob the older you,in years to come, of some happy memories to reflect back on,if that makes any sense!This is a one off ordination day.Yours.Claim it as Christ's precious gift.

    God bless you Paul.Rosary's to follow.



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