13 October 2009

Edward the Confessor

I love this picture of St Edward the Confessor, who's feast we celebrate today. It shows the ring, which tradition has it, was given by the regal saint on his way to a celebration at the church of St John the Evangelist. It is said that when stopped by a beggar on the road the king had no money about him and so gave the ring from his finger to his unfortunate countryman. The BBC tells it much better than I can...
A few years later two English pilgrims were travelling through the Holy Land and became stranded. They were helped by an old man who told them he was St John the evangelist. He was carrying the ring Edward had given to the beggar some years previously. He asked the pilgrims to return it to the king telling him that in six months he would meet St John in heaven.

St Edward the Confessor, Pray for us.

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