16 June 2010

Inspiring call to the priesthood

H/T to The Deacon's Bench for this inspiring tale of a priest called in the midst of the misery of his uncle's murder.

From suburban Maryland comes this story of how the murder of a priest inspired his nephew to pursue his own vocation.

The chalice Thomas Wells used in mass for 29 years will go with his nephew on Sunday when David Wells takes over as priest of his own parish. The chalice was passed down to David by his family who thought his uncle would want him to have it.

In a Father's Day Mass on Sunday, David Wells said, he will speak of the lessons he learned from his uncle, who was a father figure to many people.

"My uncle was definitely a spiritual father and he led many people to a spiritual maturity through his words and scripture," he said. "My own dad, who has the same passion for the Catholic faith, raised me and prepared me for the day when I would become a priest."

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