2 August 2010

It's getting very exciting now...

H/T to Love Undefiled by Robert Colquhoun for pointing out this great video. I'm so excited I could crush a grape!


  1. I know. Very inspiring. Did you get a ticket, shadowlands?

  2. No, I didn' unfortunately. They have all been allocated at my Church though, this week. I am hoping to somehow catch a glimpse of maybe the Pope's entourage (is that the word?) as he drives by, if it is possible. If not Father, you will have to write a long post decribing in detail, and with many pictures, the whole event, including your feelings and the atmosphere etc, of the crowd in general!!!!

    Blimey! What a bossy set of instructions all based on the assumption that you do indeed, have a ticket?

  3. Ros, I'm staying in the parish to be with our people who cannot go. Fortunately, my PP is able to go (well the priests have not been confirmed yet!). It's sad that you haven't managed to get a ticket. Here in Coventry there are spares available! Ask your PP to check with his deanery. There really shouldn't be any reason why someone in the Archdiocese doesn't get to Cofton Park from what I hear!!

  4. You are a 'priest of the ticketless' then?
    That is the new term for priests staying with the non-attendees, so I read on a blog yesterday!
    You can arrange picnics and such like etc.(or blognics, as the case may be).

  5. I'm happy to be a 'priest of the ticketless', if that is the correct term.

  6. Sorry Father, it's priests 'leading' the ticketless. Here's where I read it, altho there's no further info yet.



    "Hyde Park on Saturday 18th September to support the Holy Father. If you can't get a ticket, come anyway. Details of any 'Priests leading the ticketless' will be posted here as I find out about them.

    Bring a seat if you want one, a bit of extra food & drink for those who forget and a Welsh Flag of your choice. Also see Part I & Part II and tell everyone."



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