15 December 2009

“God Bless” and We’ll Sack You’.”

This shocking story from ICN about Duke Amachree who has been suspended because he mentioned God to a woman with terminal cancer. The story says:
Duke Amachree has worked as a homelessness prevention officer for 18 years. One day, in a client meeting, a woman told him she had recently learnt she was suffering from a terminal illness. Duke tried to comfort her by commenting that sometimes the doctors don’t know everything, and he encouraged her to consider "putting her faith in God".
Two days later Duke was handed a letter informing him he had been suspended, had his ID pass confiscated and was escorted from the premises.

Watch the video from the Christian Legal Centre here. Duke's hearing takes place today at Wandsworth Council. You can sign the petition here. If you're in London, near Wandsworth, this afternoon there is a prayer vigil being staged between 4pm and 7pm, the details are here. I hope you will join in me in at least signing the petition and offering a prayer for sense to prevail.


  1. It's a sad day for Britain when we can't say "God bless" at work, or wear a Cross on a chain.

  2. I'm afraid that this story may not be quite what it seems. The Wandsworth Guardian of 8 July 2009 reports that Amachree did not briefly mention God to the woman in question but "subjected her to a 30 minute barrage", telling her that the only reason she was ill was that she didn't believe in God.

    Obviously, none of us are in a position to say which account of the incident is correct, but I would suggest that we suspend judgement until the facts are clearer.



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