17 June 2010

World Youth Day Stations for Madrid 2011

Right now there is a not a lot of time to be posting on this blog, but you're all being kept in my prayers.

Meanwhile, here's the stations of the cross planned for Madrid 2011. I'm not going to be in Madrid for WYD (just think Spain in August; heat; and me!) but nonetheless these stations will be awe inspiring, I'm sure. They are so typically Spanish and remind me much of Holy Week in Valladolid. Ah, to return.

Enjoy, if that's the right word. Alternatively, just pray. Pray and enjoy!


  1. You're in our prayers too! Nearly a year since your ordination Father, how time flies when one is working for The Eternal employer!

  2. Thanks, shadowlands, as ever you are so kind. God bless you and give you strength.



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