6 August 2010


In thanksgiving, on this wonderful feast, for our friends at St George's, Worcester and for a God-given opportunity to gaze upon the original earlier this year! It never ceases to amaze me that though once I had the opportunity and money to see all that I wanted, it just never happened. Giving it all up, seemingly, has opened horizons I could only ever dream about. Thanks, Jesus.


  1. You'll be rich in heaven Father, please God, and with everlasting riches. And if I behave, and get in too, I'll be able to come and visit you. I can only stay for ten thousand years at a time though. Time is precious, even when it's swallowed up in eternity eh? ;)

    PS. Is St George's the Cathedral? I was there the other week, if it is. Where St Wulfstan liived?

  2. St George's is the Catholic Church in the middle of town. Not the cathedral, which is Anglican, but that is where St Wulfstan was bishop, as I recall. I think King John is buried there, too. As to heaven, we'll let's be good for now and hope in the Lord!



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