26 September 2009

The relationship between the clergy and the laity.

I thought this an excellent synopsis of the Pope's recent address to the Brazilian bishops The prospect of the secularisation of priests and clericalisation of the laity just fills me with horror. Is this a message of richness in diversity. Both are, surely, gifts from God.


  1. We can all embrace our state in life as it is,whether cleric or laity.I pray for Priests,I have no wish to be one though.I identify with Our Lady who although out of sight,was known and loved by God.That is the ultimate glory for any human,to have Jesus tell you He knows and loves you,whether or not the world has seen and acknowledged you publicly.It's only dust to be applauding you in the biggest audience after all.I want the embrace of the everlasting arms.I know,I have a long way to go,but that's my goal,and wherever He puts me is where I must grow from!

  2. Well put. Indeed, we can embrace our state in life as it is. Thanks for the comment.



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