28 September 2009

Who is against us?

Today the Gospel concludes, "anyone who is not against you is for you." Jesus tells us that those who are with us are often those who we might not expect. This might be people of other faiths, or other Christian denominations. How much energy do we spend railing against or fighting with those who hold a central belief in God. This is wrong and they are not our enemy!

When we speak out, let it be against those who are, in fact, against us. In particular we think of ideologies like Atheism. We live in a world where pernicious secularism is driving at the heart of the people of God. We have to speak out when we see evil being perpetrated.

I read, recently, of Camden Council who were denying a poster to be displayed because it alluded to a Christian root. I think it actually dared to use the word Christian. Even with the support of other faiths, the Council would not change it's position. The poster will not be displayed.

Who is offended by this poster? If it is not, seemingly, other religions, then who? It is, I suspect, those who hold with atheism. What gives the right to an atheist, which is nothing more than an ideology like communism or Marxism, to deny a basic freedom of religion. Are we moving to a country which seeks to deny religious freedom.

Speak out. Remain silent and we deny the love of Christ we cherish so dear. Lord Jesus, forgive us the times when we have lacked courage to dare to say your Holy Name.

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