14 January 2010


Continuing to follow the devastating news from Haiti this article from ICN brings home the devastating effects. Please continue to pray and also think about sending a donation.

CAFOD is a member of the Caritas Federation and received this communication from its partner CRS - CRS/Haiti staff this morning who are in the country to distribute emergency relief.

We are all accounted for except for two staff. They are probably fine, but out of phone reach close to Gonaives. We have a terrible problem with communications – only incoming calls. We tried to organize this morning and contact UN, OFDA and Caritas. We might be running out of supplies ourselves – water and food.

No organized rescue efforts yet– all done by individuals with bare hands. Damage incredible all around, but our offices seem fine. Some major buildings are gone – the hotel Montana, the National Palace etc.

All AA flights canceled until this weekend. UN has only 4 helicopters, two were seen early this morning doing surveys, otherwise no movement of any rescue vehicles / people. Most in a shock. …On radio stations only wild music.

People have been screaming and praying all over the place throughout the night. It is a disaster of the century, we should be prepared for thousands and thousands of dead and injured.

To donate to CAFOD see: cafod.force.com/donate?id=70180000000FgYo

Update: If you wish to post a cheque, please send to: CAFOD, Romero Close, Stockwell Road, London SW9 9TY However, please be aware that you need to stipulate that you want the money to go to Haiti. I was really shocked to read this report from Will Heaven at the Telegraph saying that CAFOD have taken his money but then allocated it to East Africa.


  1. Father, how would one post a donation? I am not personally at ease with online transactions.

  2. Shadowlands, see the update above.

  3. Thank you Father. I hope you don't mind, I have posted a link in the comments section of Father Longnecker's latest post over at 'Standing on my head' to your blog, for UK people wishing to donate.

  4. Don't mind at all. Indeed, it's kind of you to do so. Thanks.



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