10 January 2010


Loving this quote from the Holy Father via Robert Colquhoun on the blog Love Undefiled:

"Even suffering is part of the truth of our life. Thus, trying to shield the youngest from every difficulty and experience of suffering, we risk creating, despite our good intentions, fragile persons of little generosity: The capacity to love, in fact, corresponds to the capacity to suffer, and to suffer together." ~Benedict XVI


  1. I am eerily drawn to the picture Father, it's like what you see in the DT's (er.. so I've heard.....haha).

    A problem I have heard from others and felt myself recently is the fear that one is being punished or worse still, forgotten by God. I know this is a temptation to despair, and I have never experienced anything worse.

    However I remember reading in a very old book that if you are despairing; Don't. Pray for hope.
    That's all it said. They didn't go into so much detail in those days.

  2. The picture does, indeed, draw you in to the suffering. I'm not sure about DT's (let's leave it to the experts). Another book, I can recommend, on this subject is "When Bad Things Happen to Good People" by Harold S Kushner. Most importantly, I think, is that when we develop our understanding of suffering within the life we have, then we are able to see the sense of it; if there is any sense to suffering. God bless.



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