8 April 2009


Do please, when you can, pray for me. I'm trying to sort out a chalice for my ordination and it is proving not very effective! I'm beset with difficulties. Firstly, I planned to just go and order a new one (it's what almost every seminarian I have known in the past six years has done) but it is not really what I want. Long story short; I've not been overly impressed with what I've seen and most certainly don't want an 'off the shelf' job. Why? Because I'm fussy? No; because I am far more concerned with provenance, above all. Please don't lecture me about this - I get it nonstop from the guys at Oscott. For me, the best Chalice I have seen for an ordination, has been the one with the best tale of how the guy came to have it. I'll say no more than this (because I don't want recriminations).

Anyways, anyways, anyways: I went to the Jewelry Quarter, yesterday, and it was shut. Is this a sign? What does God want me to know? Can it really be "don't buy a chalice". Time is marching on - I think you'll find it is less than 100 days and they usually take three months to get made!Obviously I need to sort myself out. So I planned to go this afternoon. Then Archbishop Vincent talked of the need to ensure that material things, of even the Church, can prevent us from accessing God if we allow them too. What does he mean - of course, stop dithering about the Chalice. The Lord will provide - pray to him and stop being materialist. I decide I'm NOT going to the Jewelry Quarter (now I see the sign, thank you God) Minutes later, I leave Mass, thank you for your kind considerations, God, but I think we all know that I KNOW BEST, and so I'm going to the Jewelry Quarter. It's sorted, I'm going. I'm off the fence. I have decided.

Outside the Cathedral, I'm asked if I'm going straight back to Wolverhampton. Well, I wasn't, but I could if you want, yes, of course I can give you lift. Oh, the Jewelry Quarter - nothing important. I can come again. It'll wait. So, I have still not gotten to the silversmiths. I have still not sorted my chalice. It is just such a mess.

Can you feel my angst? Please, please pray for me. Not that I get a chalice sorted, so much as God will give me peace. Or at least the Grace to know that I'm beat!!!!


  1. Do you need someone to take a trip to Rome for you and pick one up from one of the shops there? I've seen some amazing examples in shop windows...

    (I only suggest this as I'm itching to go back to Rome for a short trip and this would mean I'd have to!)

  2. Er, no, Tony: you cannot use me as an excuse to go galavanting around the globe, fabulous as I know Rome to be. Though very tempting, isn't it!

  3. *sad face*

    Ah well, I offered!

    I'm also itching to visit the church of Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona too (vis my reading of 'Cathedral of the Sea' that I blogged about a few days ago). So many wonderful places to visit! But Rome is more likely at the moment, unless I can find someone to accompany me who's got a bit of Spanish... (That said, my Italian's pretty ropey too, but I can at least order an ice-cream.)

    I shall of course offer a prayer that your chalice situation sorts itself out as well as your angst. I'm sure you'll find the right inspiration.

  4. Hey, Tony, I'm off to Barcelona soon, so I'll look out for the Church and pray for you there. I tried leaving this comment on your blog, but for some reason my comments are being ignored. Frustrating, but not uncommon.



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