1 April 2009

Where have you been?

This question was asked of me, since I have blogged so little in recent days, by an interested party. The answer: about the missions, my dear boy, about the missions! Perhaps, in sympathy with the Lord upon being found in the Temple, I'm surprised that I was even asked, since it is clear to me that I have been busy in the parish. How often we forget to communicate, though. How often we make assumptions that others are able to read our minds, or can, some how, telepathically know what we are doing.

It has been a most humbling few days. Truly wonderful and a foretaste, I hope, of the years that lay ahead of me. I have preached, last weekend, on reconciliation and this has had a most profound impression upon my own prayer life. It has led me to think about how we think about sin. What it means to sin and how we judge others whom we assume, almost certainly wrongly, to be better or worse than ourselves. The many people I have talked to about this very issue have felt quite confident to put themselves down and assume that they are far worse sinners than their neighbours. It's left me thinking that people, perhaps, need to love themselves a little more. Maybe allow Jesus to do the judging and assume that they are doing the best that they can.

Also, during the week, I've be wined and dined by some wonderful parishoners who asked only that I said some prayers at their late husbands' graves. What a fantastic and special privilege to be asked! You get fed for this, folks, too. Don't tell me a cleric's life is hard. I was just so touched to be asked to do it, and so pleased that I was able. Listening to their combined wisdom and experience and humility was wonderful. Between them that had over 200 years of humanity under their collective belt. Talk about a lot to learn from them. Thanks, you know who you are. You are amazing, and I hope that I lived up to the cost of a Naked Gourmet Burger, even if the thought of a man in a collar ordering anything naked did cause a titter!

Finally, I've been able to catch up with a friend for a curry. If you are going to be in Wolverhampton - get yourself to Jivan's in town. The most fantastic curry is to be had. What was wonderful? It's easier to list the reasons why it was one of the best nights I've had in a long time

  • the food was great
  • heat(spiciness) just perfect
  • it was cheap (£17.70 for two of us, todos)
  • fantastic company
  • great chat (deep, deep stuff)
  • rough part of town
  • just wooden seat (uncomfortable, but worth it)
  • acute indigestion at 4am (it must've been good)
  • still making me smile 24 hours later
Enjoy life, it's almost Easter, though manic amounts to be achieved before then. Eek!

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