14 July 2009

Ecce sacerdos...

Those, who are observant of these things, will notice some minor changes to this blog. Namely, the title and description. I am filled with joy on such a profound note that it is almost impossible to share with mere human words! On Sunday I was ordained to the priesthood and, therefore, there are need of some changes. I'm pretty shattered with it all, but will write more soon.......
Thank you for your kindness, your prayers, your cards, your gifts, your love and, most importantly, your faith. Px


  1. Dear, dear, Father Paul.As you say,there are no words available.......
    Be assured of prayers and shared joy for you as you start out on your Priestly walk in this,The Year of The Priest.
    I hope you will put your sermons on your blog!
    I tend to put mine in other's comment boxes haha!

  2. Congratulations on your ordination to the priesthood, Fr Paul.

  3. Congratulations. I'm sorry I couldn't be there on Sunday - a temporary crisis - now on its way to being resolved - prevented me from making the trip. I was with you in spirit and prayer though. I hope you had a wonderful day.

    Father Paul has a nice ring to it... :)

  4. May God abundantly bless your ministry! Thank you for serving us as a priest!

  5. Please know that you are in our prayers here in Buffalo, New York! God bless you for answering God's call. Oh, the graces are flowing!!!

  6. May God grant you many fruitful and joyful years of service as a priest.

  7. Congratulations, Father. Ad multos annos!

  8. Just found this Blog via British Catholic Blogs.

    Congratulations. I'm praying for you.

    And thanx.

  9. Thank you to everyone. It is much appreciated.



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