6 July 2009

In the final days...

Well, it's good to be back, and eager to blog. So many people keep saying to me; "are you going to blog about this" which leads me to wonder do I blog too much? What do people expect me to blog about? Having been away from the computer for so long (I think it is maybe ten days) there is an awful lot of news to catch up on. In reality I have skim-read most of it and there is a huge pile of 'must go back and read in more detail...' which, of course, means I am rather unlikely to do so. Sometimes it is just good to know where the information is, just in case.

Worth Abbey - thank you to the wonderful monks of possibly the friendliest community of Benedictines in the country. The pre-presbyterate retreat was wonderful, prayerful, quiet, stimulating and, as for everyone I think, hot. Not as much walking done as I would have liked - but every moment a treasure.

Congratulations to my friend, and sometime-partner-in-crime, and now Father Paul Leonard. Paul was ordained on Saturday by Bishop Crispian Hollis and has been appointed to St Edmund's in Southampton. It was a privilege to Deacon the Mass of ordination and possibly my own last major engagement this side of the priesthood too. What a great way to end my diaconal year. Thanks, Paul, for allowing me to serve!

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  1. Blog too much? Never.You just burn out of posts eventually,I would imagine.I would feel lost without mine,then again I have one of those addicted personalities!
    When is the exact date Paul,of your ordination? I can't see the countdown that used to be there.I want to pray especially for you,on the day.Is that a photograph of you on this post,or the other Paul(oops,Father Paul now)?



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