18 April 2010

Stuck in Rome

Currently enjoying the wonderful weather in Rome and badly missing the parish. Just one of the victims of our frighteningly fragile society. Is it really true that one simple sneeze from nature can result in hundreds of thousands of people across the continent being stranded?


  1. Hi Father,

    It's at times like these when hopefully men realise how small they really are compared to the power of the universe and its Creator.

    Just relax and have a good time in Rome; and whilst there say a little prayer for me - and your other readers too.

    God bless.

  2. If there's a better place to be stuck, I can't think of it right now!

  3. Ubi Petrus, ibi ecclesia! Lucky you, Father!

  4. Thanks for your lovely, encouraging comments. I'm pleased to be able to report I'm home, but I'm not entirely certain I'm happy! At least the weather in this part of the world is not dissimilar to the Roman air.



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