11 February 2010

Parish Newsletters

The parish newsletter is often the primary means of communication within a parish and I was wondering; what do people like to see in a parish newsletter? Whether it be visiting a parish, perhaps moving into a new parish or just your regular Sunday place of worship what do you like to read about? It would be very helpful if you could add some thoughts in the com box. Nothing lengthy, deep or time-consuming to prepare, just some initial thoughts would be wonderful to hear.


  1. An up-lifting thought or comment ... a quotation from Proverbs ... something short and to the point with a message for the week ahead.

    God bless.

  2. I am oten surfprised when parishioners returned from visiting elsewhere or were on holidays and said they were unable !o obtain Sacrament of Reconciliation. So Confession times on newsletter!
    I find many visitors like to avail of Confession with a different priest!I encourage that!

  3. Thank you both for your helpful comments. It's gratifying to know that we currently include all of these suggestions. Perhaps we might 'up' our highlighting of the time for Confession. Cheers.

  4. I suppose it depends on the 'demographic' of the parish: a City of London parish I used to attend (when I worked there) catered more to lunchtime Masses for local office workers rather than residents so the newsletter would have reflections (or possibly homilies) written by the PP rather than social notices or details of parish trips, etc. I always valued those reflections (but then I've always enjoyed being taught new things).

  5. Good point, Tony. Thanks for the input.



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