16 February 2010


It is not often that I am left speechless through shock but what other reaction could a priest have to this video? Sometimes, even when we know that something like this happens, it's nevertheless shocking to see it actually occur. Just dumbfounded!

I'm not sure if it's 'thanks', as such, which I want to give to Fr John Boyle and Kate for this video, but it's their discovery, not mine.


  1. Wow...this just breaks my heart. :-( Nothing more to say. :-(

  2. It looked as if her husband had almost asked her to do this, as he seemed totally unsurprised when she did?

    Lord Jesus, help me to be more aware when I am meeting with you in Holy Communion. Forgive me for the times I may have not received you reverently myself, Amen.

  3. It was interesting to watch her body language and that of her partner. As she placed the Host in her partner's pocket she holds her hand over his heart, and the Host, and he holds his hand over hers. It's just possible that her motive was just to try to place Christ next to his heart. Also he may not have been aware of her placing the Host in his pocket at all, he may have just perceived it as a tender moment.

    Of course she did the wrong thing and I wouldn't condone this action for a moment, but I wouldn't rush to judgement either, as some commentators on the youtube link have done.

    Let me tell you a story... Many years ago, when my faith wasn't so deep and my knowledge much less than it is now, my father and I were attending Mass. He was feeling unwell and unsteady on his feet and didn't want to approach for Communion. It occurred to me that perhaps I should accept the Host, break it in half and share with my Dad to save him from having to stand and queue and so that he could share in Communion with me and the rest of the congregation. In the end I didn't because I wasn't sure whether it was the acceptable thing to do or whether I had the right to do so (which, of course, I didn't, not being then an EMHC or authorised, etc). Nonetheless, while I didn't take the action, the thought crossed my mind.

    I don't know what was in this lady's heart, and I'm just trying to find a possible explanation that speaks to good, albeit misguided, motives. I'm not outraged, instead I am saddened.

    Certainly she needs to be better educated. Not vilified, but in charity guided towards a better and more appropriate reverence for the Sacrament. May that happen, and may this example of error inspire in all of us a greater reverence and respect for Our Lord fully present in the Most Holy Sacrament.

    (None of this holds if she was being deliberately disrespectful, of course).

  4. Thanks for your comments, folks. For me it raises the need for all us to be more aware of what we are doing and the example that we show. It also reminds me of my call, as a priest, to effectively instruct people in how they should approach Our Lord present in the Blessed Sacrament. Why, I wonder, does this lady appear to be having a conversation whilst receiving Communion? Ultimately, of course, it is not our role to judge but rather to pray.

  5. "It also reminds me of my call, as a priest, to effectively instruct people in how they should approach Our Lord present in the Blessed Sacrament."

    Well, Father, thank the lady in an odd way,because think of the graces that will now abound in your sermons, regarding the blessed sacrament, all stemming from this video!!

    Our God makes good out of all things. Julian of Norwich knew her stuff didn't she(he?)? You know, that 'all will be well' pullava.

  6. Truly God is amazing that from the desecration of his own body he can bring such grace. Quite right, Shadowlands.

  7. And that goes right back to Calvary, doesn't it?

    We crucify Him every day, each of us in our own way whenever we sin and fail to consider His sacrifice for us. And yet by that sacrifice we have gained so much. It makes one feel very very small when one considers how boundless God's love is.



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