29 July 2010

The guilty pleasure of Caravaggio

Thanks to Rorate Caeli for today's post with a film all about The Taking of Christ by Caravaggio. It was a pleasure to watch, perhaps even a little self indulgent, and wonderful to learn more about both the artist and his work. The film got me to thinking about why I'm such a fan of this sixteenth century Italian painter and, more specifically, his art. Caravaggio's life was, at best, far from the Christian ideal but it was real and it was of it's time and it was what it was. From this God brought forth great pictures that help us to enter into the mystery of his passion. As the film notes, The Taking of Christ is a reflection of the first act of violence which began the passion of our Lord. The film was, as I say, a pleasure to watch and I encourage you to spend some time thinking about the passion of the Lord, perhaps even through the medium of art.

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