5 July 2010

Yet more anniversaries

This is the season of ordinations and thus my 'happy anniversary' wishes continue. Today we give thanks for the priesthood of Paul Smith, ordained two years ago, and for David Oakley, ordained thirty years ago! Well done, to both men, and especially to Fr David for his longevity.

To celebrate Fr David's anniversary a few of us enjoyed a rather splendid lunch at The Boathouse in Sutton Coldfield Park. A magnificent setting, but there doesn't seem to be a website to direct you to. Rather an exciting venue to happen upon whilst out meandering the billowing meadows and glens of one of the best parks in the country. It struck me as a nice day out, all told, though I'm bound to say there was no meandering for me. Rather a fast drive up from Coventry right to the door. A repeat visit is a must, not least to have more of that delicious Eynsham Asparagus Mousse and let us not even think about the Chocolate Brandy Cake. Mmm, humm.

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