6 July 2010

Pallium and Diaconate

This post is, with permission Your Grace, an opportunity for all within our parish who have been praying for Padraig on his route to priesthood. Padraig is a good friend and, when visiting the parish, has been prayed for fervently within our community. Just recently he came to visit and cooked a wonderful lunch. A great gift to share with needy priests busy about the Lord's work. When I looked, today, at the diocesan website it was great to see Padraig on the front page. So for the many readers within the parish we have the satisfaction of knowing our prayers have been answered and Padraig is, indeed, now a deacon.

We pray, also, for our Archbishop and this photograph is further evidence of an answer to prayer in seeing His Grace with the pallium; bestowed by the Pope last Tuesday.


  1. Wow! Was Padraig the only one ordained to the diaconate this year then, it's just that you don't mention anyone else. Great blog!

  2. No the Rev Craig Szmidt was also ordained deacon along with Padraig. It was a great day and the Church now has two fine deacons to carry on the work of spreading the Gospel. Pray for them and for more vocations to the priesthood and religious life

  3. Thanks for the comments, guys. Of course we pray for all ordained deacon this summer, Padraig and Craig, and for those who will be ordained to the permanent diaconate later this month.



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