31 January 2010

Happy Anniversary

It is, perhaps, not the done thing to draw attention to oneself. Nonetheless, I want to share with you my first anniversary of blogging. Looking back over the records I see that my first blog, my 'virgin blog' I think I called it, was on 29 January 2009. There you have it.

Missed the anniversary by two days, but those who know me will know that this is not atypical. Happy Anniversary, not least to those faithful followers who have been there throughout the journey. God bless you one and all. What a journey and it's only just begun!

At the risk of becoming maudlin, we'll leave it there, huh? Probably best.


  1. Happy 1st Birthday to your blog!

    Keep up the good work Father! By the way, when is your ordination first anniversary?

  2. Many thanks. First anniversary of priesthood is 12 July.

  3. Wot ... no Hip Hip Hooray ... or For he's a jolly good fellow .... or Auld Lang Syne even .... to celebrate the 1st Anniversary?

    OK ... then, let me saying something: I read you Blog because you talk a lot of sense.

    Many happy returns. And God bless.

  4. Thank you, Victor, for your kind words. Let me echo your sentiments and tell you how much I enjoy your blogging - Fr Ignatius is fast becoming a hero of mine!

  5. I'm honoured Father by your comments. If you wish to read more about Father Ignatius I'd be happy to send you a copy of my book "Visions" (see my Blog for blurb about the book).

    Please write to my private website with an address for me to send you the book. Email: enquiries@holyvisions.co.uk The website is: www.holyvisions.co.uk

    God bless.



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