20 January 2010

Vatican encourages priests to use the Internet

H2O news is an online news service bringing the Good News to the world. It began as a response to the Pope's call for the use of modern mediums of communication for the use of evangelisation, as detailed in his message for the World Communications Day in 2005. If you're not familiar with their service, I would encourage you to go online, investigate further and consider signing up. The service is available in nine languages.

Today they are carrying a report on this year's World Communications Day where the Pope will call for priests to consider the use of new media in their ministry of the Word. Many Catholic priest-bloggers will take some comfort from this, not least given some of the more negative comments about blogs in recent months. For my part, as a Catholic Priest, I'm pleased that between us we're heading in the correct direction. Helping to bring the Word to the World.

The Pope’s message for the 44th World Communications Day will be published on the Feast of St. Francis de Sales, the patron saint of journalists. This message, which falls within the Year for Priests, has as its theme: “The priest and pastoral ministry in a digital world: new media at the service of the Word.”


  1. Great idea. The internet is a superb way for priests to spread the Word to a digital society.

    One observation please. Priests who Blog should also respond to comments made on their Blogs and not ignore them completely. This becomes counter-productive to their original aim in starting a Blog.

    I'm not referring to you Father Paul; you're exemplary in this respects. But I've seen many other Catholic priests (and I visit quite a number of Blogs) totally ignoring genuine comments.

    God bless.

  2. Thank you, Victor, for your kind comments. Manner cost nothing so it is good and easy to comment upon your comments, even when it's difficult to know what to say. Keep the comments coming!

  3. Great! BuT what happens when priests feel called, after prayer and reflection, to publish negative, or critrical comments on our HOly Mother the Church

  4. Thanks for your thoughts, EFpastor emeritus, and the thorny question of when criticism is justified by a priest on his blog. Perhaps your question is rhetorical. As an ordained priest we are, indeed, sharing in Christ's prophetic role in a specific way. This will mean we have to be the bearers of ‘bad’ news, or at least news that some will find difficult to accept, and we must pray we have the courage to speak as the Spirit directs us. That said if we are to be critical of the Church, or those who speak for the Church, let us try always to be constructive and to speak the truth in love. I'm not sure this is a helpful comment but save to say whatever the fruit of prayer and reflection is must be for the greater glory of God.



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