18 January 2010

Praying for Unity

On this day of prayer for Christian Unity I was very blessed to be able to visit Worcester Cathedral and specifically the chapel in the crypt, dedicated to unity. It is also possible, I discovered, to see part of the church built by St Wulstan, bishop of Worcester, almost a millennium old. A great day!


  1. You were just day too early: today 19th January is the feast of St Wulfstan in the old (Sarum) calendar. But thanks for showing us this lovely crypt.

  2. Yes! Today is St Wulstan's feast day. He really ought to be the patron of those involved with Church buildings because it is said that he wept at the demolition work necessary for the rebuilding of his cathedral. This was because they were destroying the work of the holier men, as he said, had preceded them.

  3. My youngest is taking St Wulfstan as his confirmation Saint's name this summer.

  4. Indeed it was sad not to be able to be in St Wulstan's cathedral for his Feast, today, as you note. Wulstan is a great patron for those of us interested in history since it was he who was the sole bishop to make it through the Norman Conquest. I am sure he would have wept for the destruction of St Oswald's cathedral but it is, no doubt, thanks to the courage of Wulstan that we have so many fine examples of Norman architectural influence.



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