6 June 2009

And in the end - we partied

This is a newsy update.

We are in the final throes of life in seminary. I use the term 'we' in a sort of old fashioned way since in reality it applies just to those who are preparing to leave Oscott this summer. The rest will return and will no doubt keep us up to date via the new blog, which is covering a great little story from Michael P.

Last night, with room almost packed and ready to go, we had a fabulous party, though I do declare this myself and I was the host. Two others have corroborated the bon vivant atmosphere, however. Lots of clearing away to be done, and thanks to my brothers it has been done in record time, and wondering now what to do with the remaining bottles. Party anyone? For the celebrations we enjoyed the, now famous, summer punch though I'm sworn to never reveal the contents. Literally or metaphorically.

Monday, at the deadly hour of 2.30am, we head to Heathrow and then on to Assisi via Rome for the annual pilgrimage. Even with the recession we have managed to pull it off to get to Italy and I, for one, cannot wait to get there. Some great housekeeping has, no doubt, been undertaken to fund the trip. I have almost been to Assisi once but never quite made it. Promises to be wonderfully spiritually uplifting and I'm poised with some good reading material. Will tell all upon our return.

Right - best get on with packing. Now, where did I put that box?

Oh, and the picture - not the party, since those photographs are not for public consumption yet very funny! This picture - just because we can. Nuns having fun.


  1. Prayers for you as you approach ordination. Stellar that you get to see Assisi too!

  2. Thanks for your prayers. Much appreciated and of course I'll be praying for you in Assisi.



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