26 June 2009

Au revoir

This will be my final post for a while since I am a. packing up the computer as I prepare to leave seminary; b. going on retreat on Sunday for a few days to prepare for ordination to the priesthood; c. at a loss for what to say and d. in need of some time away. But before I say a temporary farewell I just wanted to share the following:

Pray for our five almost-new deacons: Michael, Luke, Andrew, Roger and Michael. They will be ordained in the morning, praise God. Pray also for Paul (and I) as we prepare for ordination on 4th and 12th July respectively. Pray for those priests of the Archdiocese whom we have been asked to remember: today, Fr John Baggley, 27/06 Fr Walter Bance, 28/06 Fr David Barry, 29/06 Fr John Batthula, 30/06 Fr Anthony Baxter, 01/07 Fr Neil Bayliss, 02/07 Fr David Bazen, 03/07 Fr George Bennet, 04/07 Fr John Bentley, 05/07 Fr John Berry, 06/07 Fr Jerome Bertram and 07/07 Fr Christopher Bester. Finally, pray for Archbishop Vincent and all the new Metropolitans who will receive their new Pallium from the Pope on Monday in Rome.

In this year of the priest I can do no worse than direct you to the Thinking Faith website which "will be marked on Thinking Faith with a series of articles and reflections". The first is by Gerard O'Collins who is to publish a new book entitled Jesus Our Priest. We were blessed to have Fr O'Collins give a public lecture on St Paul, earlier in the year, here at Oscott. It was very well received. The article is concluded with the statement: "Mike Jones and I have become more convinced than ever that any version of the ordained ministry will remain theologically and spiritually impoverished, unless it clearly and consistently draws its reflections from the priesthood of Jesus Christ himself." So this year, of all years, we all do well to reflect ever more on that priesthood of Jesus Christ himself.

Goodbye, Jacko, a legend in his own life time who goes to his maker for some peace, one hopes. Never was a fan, to speak of, but could anyone doubt his God given talents? We mourn with the Jacko generation, even if the crotchety amongst us pretend it's no big deal. The man's dead. May be rest in peace.
Go to yearofthepriest for a short article I wrote about our second day on the recent pilgrimage. I wont repeat it here since it's only a click away.

Finally, and by no means least, enjoy the promised heatwave coming this week, but do keep refreshed, stay cool if you are vulnerable and just relax!


  1. So many good wishes to send your way.Be assured of regular prayers offered up for you,and those you mention.

    'Be still and know that I am Lord'.

    Remember to enjoy this time too! You've earned it!

    God bless and protect you Paul.

  2. God bless Paul, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Have a good preparation for your ordination.

  3. Likewise, prayers too. Enjoy your retreat. I can't even imagine how momentous this time must be for you.



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