13 June 2009

Home from Assisi

Well, we're back from the heat and hills of Assisi much refreshed, spiritually at least. I've yet to get any photographs sorted out and so hope you will forgive this one found on wikimedia. It gives a real sense of the hill upon which the town has developed. It dates back to Roman times if memory serves me well and by the time of Francis and Clare, which we associate with the town now, was already a busy and developed town. It was, at that time, known as the home of St Rufino of Assisi and today the Cathedral remains under his patronage. Rufino was a Roman martyr of the third century and first bishop of Assisi. You can read more of his life here. He remains buried below the altar it seems.

The pilgrimage itself was very moving spiritually and I was pleased to learn more of the lives of both Francis and Clare. Our homilies were exceptional - all agreed - and much praise is due to our learned and holy priests who accompanied us. Enormous thanks to Dr Champ, our tour guide extraordinaire and some-time Director of Studies.

Assisi is a hot town, though I'm told the Romans like to come up in the summer months to escape the heat! One can only imagine the heat of Rome in during August. Such was the great time that three of us committed to return on vacation/pilgrimage next year when we'll be two priests and a deacon, God willing.

Time is very precious this weekend as we prepare for the forthcoming schools outreach programme. When time is more amenable to blogging, then I will, but meanwhile might I impose on your prayers for the schools who will be visiting over the coming fortnight and most especially for the children. We pray that they may hear the voice of Christ in their lives and ever follow his Holy prompting.

You were all remembered in my prayers at the Church of St Damian (San Damiano) which is the church in which Francis heard the crucifix tell him to build His church and also where St Clare spent so much of her life and, indeed, died there.

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  1. Glad you back safe,and wonderful to have been prayed for there in the Old church! Will offer your intentions for the children in my prayers this week.



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