4 June 2009

Joe Versus the Volcano

When you are in need of inspiration a great place to begin is the lives of the saints. After all, one of my great heroes, Ignatius of Loyola, began in just this way. The result - The Jesuits. Fantastic.

Today, I stumbled across this great blog from Mark called Joe Versus the Volcano. I'm not sure the reasoning for the title, but finding the blog is like finding a volcano. It looks just like any other blog, with bite size chunks to go at but when you look for longer you discover hidden depths to it and it is chocker full of really, really useful stuff. Well done, Mark, on a great blog. God be with you, and the cats.

The site is full of really interesting saints who are largely forgotten in some parts and yet offer great inspiration to our modern world. Enjoy!


  1. The title 'Joe Versus the Volcano' is a film staring Tom Hanks. It's about a man who finds he's dying and decides to throw himself into a volcano as the sacrificial offering to appease the lava god. Like all good films it has a moral because he finds true love and discovers who he really is. Doesn't it make you feel warm inside?

  2. Warm inside - is that a pun????



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