24 March 2010


has an inspiring blog over on Love Undefiled titled 'Finding and sustaining good catechesis' which you can read here. It has, perhaps, caught my attention since I'm giving a talk on the Gospel according to St Luke this evening at the inaugural meeting of the catechists association. Please pray for its success (the association, not my talk). As a foretaste of Robert's post, here is a passage:

The twentieth century saw the proliferation of new ecclesial communities, born and nourished out of the spirit of the Second Vatican Council. Many of these communities have seen the close collaboration and commitment of both clergy and lay people to create new faith communities. Priests and lay people have worked together to provide a new springtime in the Church, fostering new universities, cultural centres and educational initiatives. Yet few of these new ecclesial communities have ever flourished in England and Wales. At present, the Church in England and Wales has 7 seminaries in 3 countries for a small number of seminarians training for Priesthood. These seminaries would be full with the provision of clear and articulate catechesis, nourished by a stronger Catholic identity and sense of spirituality. The collaboration of priests, seminarians and lay people in creating a new culture of catechesis will help found a clearer Catholic identity in an age of secularism and doubt. Resources spent on training lay people to learn more about their faith will ultimately pay multiple dividends and continue to do so in future generations. The role of the Priest is indispensible in the Catholic Church, but Newman's vision of a well formed laity is also essential to the provision of a Catechesis that will help pass on faith to future generations.


  1. Will pray for the Association AND for your talk! Best Wishes

  2. I was going to say exactly the same as Pastor Emeritus!

    Please God, bless the whole project!

  3. Thank you, both, for your prayers.

  4. "Please pray for its success (the association, not my talk)."

    Consider it done. And praying for you too!

    God bless.



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