5 March 2010

Exorcisms, Satan et al.

The subject of evil, the devil, Satan and exorcism never seems to be far from conversation about the bigger questions in life. Often, I find, it's hinted at but not actually mentioned. When it is talked about, often it appears in the context of drama and the fight good v. evil, it might be somewhat Manichaeistic in tone.

Bess Twiston Davies has a lovely post, today, about the possibility of satanism in the Vatican and specifically discusses the apparent fight between two leading experts in the field. Bess writes:

Rome, I can reveal, is riven by battling exorcists. Well, two to be precise, both priests, both experts on demonic possession, yet currently clashing over the possible existence of Satan worshippers within the Vatican.

It's a great article and I found the links an enjoyable post-lunch way to spend a few minutes updating on the state of play in this field. Perhaps the most irritating aspect of the article was the link to Frank Skinner's article, calling for increased persecution of Catholics. a la the martyrs of Rome. Skinner's article was also fun, but a little lacking in Christian values was my thought. How about that awful American-style hymn: All Are Welcome In This Place.


  1. The devil is a clever fellow. First he makes us believe that he doesn't exist at all. Then he infiltrates the HQ of his opponents.

    Personally, I'd like to hear about the devil preached from the pulpit on Sunday. The Church and priests have a duty to warn the people of the reality that is the devil.

    You just can't believe in God and not believe in satan.

    God bless you Father for publishing this post.

  2. Very succintly put, Victor. I am encouraged to speak more on the subject of evil and Satan in the future. Not least from the pulpit though always with the caveat that it is the Holy Spirit who leads me to the subject of the homily.



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