5 March 2010

Shocking News from the Vatican

“Two senior Vatican figures removed from posts over alleged links to homosexual prostitution”

Do you mind if I just have a little rant? For a quick update on the news the BBC website seemed like an obvious choice. It is book-marked for me to save on time. This, I clearly now know, was my first mistake. When I saw the above headline of course I was horrified and clicked the link immediately to find the headline of the actual story reads:

“Vatican pair removed in homosexual prostitution inquiry”

Evidently there is a move from ‘senior Vatican figures’ to ‘Vatican pair’. It transpires that the allegations involve a ‘Gentleman to His Holiness’, who is actually an usher, and a chorister in a choir which “performs at St Peter's Basilica when the Pope is not present.” The usher is also an engineer; does that make him a part-time usher for the Pope.

The allegations are terrible, should be fully investigated and the people involved prosecuted as is fit. That is not an excuse, however, for the BBC to raise the profile of a part-time usher and guy who sings when the Pope’s not there to be classified as Senior Vatican Figures. Come on! Is there some hidden agenda?

The Scotsman is typical of others when it headlines: Pope's ceremonial usher and a Basilica chorister implicated in gay prostitution ring. Still upsetting, but at least a little fairer.


  1. "Is there some hidden agenda?"


    No hidden agenda. Christianity is under attack in the UK from all quarters. Some people will not rest until Britain is a totally secular country.

    Rejoise. Christ has already won.

    God bless.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Sorry, been busy and not had chance to see your comments. Thank you both for taking the time to call by and comment. God bless you both, and trusting all is well for you.

  4. Unfortunately (for people of good conscience) freedom of speech/press is also freedom to hate. Let us pray for them.

  5. Brother, quite right. Let us pray.



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