3 March 2010

Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP at Catholic Youth Ministry Fed.

Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP gave an excellent talk at the 2010 CYMFed Congress in London at the weekend. The conference was on the theme of Hope. You can read Fr Timothy's text in full from ICN, here. Below is a snapshot, but I hope it leads you to find out more...

And then we went to visit the sisters. I knew that I was expected to say something but what could I say? I had come across more suffering on that day than ever before in my life. I had no words. And then I remembered that Jesus had left us something to be done in memory of him. We could remember that night before he died, which was the darkest moment in human history. One of his friends had sold him, and his beloved Peter was about to betray him. And most of the rest would run away. And when everything seemed lost and there was no future, he did this extraordinary thing. When he was having supper with his friends he took bread and gave it to them saying ‘This is my body, given for you.’ When the only future seemed to be the cross, then he made this mad, generous, loving gesture. That is the basis of our hope. Every time that we gather as a community for the Eucharist, we are taken back to that dark moment, and that unexpected gift of the future. The last Supper seemed the end, the last supper, but it was just the beginning, the first Eucharist.

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