21 May 2009

Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols

Having just taken time out from a busy revision schedule, I couldn't let the moment slip by without congratulating our new Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols on a wonderful installation. It was marvelous but let me give just a few brief comments and/or thoughts...

Good that the BBC covered the installation and have it on their news website too. It was nice that +Vincent thanked the TV channel for covering the Mass, too, and thus he was able to welcome all those at home watching - like my brother seminarian and I.
Good to see Mass celebrated, live, on national TV. Good, also, how +Vincent talks so warmly, regularly and relevantly about the Lord in his life.

Good that we got to see many face we knew, though a reminder it would have been wonderful to be there also. Lots of BBC coverage of Dr Judith Champ, Director of Studies here at Oscott. There were many priest we recognised and, of course, the bishops. Cardinal Cormac spoke very warmly and from the heart at the end.

Good to see the vestments! Loved the chasuble, totally. Just right for the occasion. I have to say, however, I wondered if he knew mine (being designed and crafted by Dawn) was just so similar! (he he) Talk about jewel encrusted cross on that cope, though. You can see where the money was going!

Good homily to hear. Clearly setting the scene for what is to follow and he is not frightened to get in their and start telling people like it is, from a Catholic perspective. Well done!

Good, finally, to be a Catholic today, and to have been part of it all.


  1. It was a marvellous Mass - music, vestments, preaching, kneeling - and I enjoyed the close ups of a certain historian too! He's a really gentle speaker.

  2. p.s. The morse on the cope was excellent. It reminded me of the shape of crosses popularised by their use in Canterbury - I wonder if anyone was thinking this when they picked it?



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