16 May 2009

Archbishop Vincent Nichols - Installation Blog

If you don't already know that there is a blog for the Installation this coming week, then you can link to it here! All I have to say is, read it. I'm so proud to be Catholic when I read this blog. Why? Simply because it's a great celebration of all that we are. I love the thought of His Grace kneeling on the floor, as the site says: The Archbishop will kneel at the threshold, surrounded by the great marble medallions on which are representations of twelve sainted Archbishops of Canterbury. A fanfare will sound. Too right. How Catholic is that? We'll be using the "ancient Catholic rite"; talk about pre-Vatican II. This guy is so steeped in Tradition, he makes Trent look lightweight.

Whoever is behind it - well done. It's hitting just the right note, and at the risk of sounding horribly sycophantic, it's my favourite blog read at the moment. Everyone who is going along, and it tells you on the site if you are going or not i.e. if you have tickets, please, please, ensure you celebrate well. We ought to all rally behind our new Spiritual Father. I suspect in +Vincent we are in for a treat, and you who are there to witness it will be representing the many millions of Catholics in our land who join you spiritually.

Do us proud, folk.

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