18 April 2009


Spent an interesting morning blogging around the sphere - is that even making sense? The best of the lot, for me, was eastangliaseminarians with an interesting post on What IS the Priest? Also worth a look was lovingit found via catholicmomof10journey. Lovingit is described as: Ella and James Preece are a Catholic couple living in Kingston Upon Hull in Yorkshire in the UK. This is our blog. Particularly good to read was The Death of The Catholic Church. Cannot say that I agree with James' conclusions, at all, but a good read nonetheless. I rather wish I had more time to spend blogging as finding sites as interesting as theirs is something of a joy. Still, we enjoy the gifts we have, yeah?

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  1. Hi Paul,

    Glad you found our blog and enjoyed my writing which was admittedly a bit more provocative than usual (and it's usually quite provoative). If you disagree with something I've said, it's okay to leave a comment letting me know what... that's how I learn from my mistakes.

    I've put you in my feed reader and I will be following your blog with interest. Good luck on the forthcoming ordination!

    James (lovingit.co.uk)



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