14 April 2009

Easter Greetings

Phew, life in the parish has returned to a more reasonable pace. An instant reflection of the holy week/triduum: not so much busy as in lots and lots of frenetic things to be accomplished so much as stress getting it right, worthily, responding to the dignity of the occasion; that sort of thing.

Happy Easter to one and all. I was struck, indeed preached on, the fact that we move immediately from the resurrection on Easter Sunday to Pentecost. As though the purpose of the resurrection is the outpouring of the Spirit. There is no time to be sat idly reflecting on what the Father has done for us through the Son, rather we are driven in response and guided by the Spirit. In other words what we have received, we pass on. To be a good christian, is to live as a good christian. By their fruits you shall know them.

This period of 'quiet' proves an excellent opportunity to catch up on relationships that may have suffered in recent times. Therefore, I will not spend hours on this machine, so much as get out there and be with people. Nonetheless, let us pray for one another through this most holy season. It is, most especially in this octave of Easter, a chance to reflect on just how wonderful is the gift of life, to gift of faith and, indeed, the gift of communion.

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