11 April 2009

Holy Saturday and the dark night of the soul...

Often, Holy Saturday has, for me, been a long day filled with grief and sadness as we await the resurrection of Christ. The living out the Triduum is a wonderful realisation of the words "do this in memory of me", giving a sublime reminder of the Jewish notion of remembrance; the reliving of the events in the same way we relive the moment when someone says, do you remember when we were....

This year, the day is filled with organising, and getting ready for the Vigil. This is, I suppose, life in the parish. In fact a friend of mine, who is a priest in Wales, warned me not to expect too much self-indulgent naval gazing, or words to that effect, when I was talking about the loss one felt on this Saturday. The horrible realisation that Christ has died, even if we know Christ is risen, Christ will come again.

So, there you have it. Busy parishes demand busy deacons, it would seem. Tell you what, though, I'm really, really looking forward to Easter lunch. Going home to get black face lamb flown in from the lowlands of Scotland and to be featured on Hairy Bikers in their next series, it would seem. Yum!


  1. Sometimes we meditate on the front of the Eternal Tapestry,and sometimes we are busy working on the back of it.Whether on stage or behind the scenes,we try and offer it all as Love. Enjoy your beef!! God bless,really enjoying being a part of your precious journey to priesthood.

  2. Wonderfully put. Thank you.



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