8 April 2009

Westminster Cathedral

I have far too much time on my hands. When googling the largest catholic cathedral in the UK, I was directed to this amazing site all about Westminster Cathedral. Called eyerevolution, it seems to be a company specialising in 360' photography and they feature Westminster Cathedral. The scaffolding is a little annoying, but a great way to spend time admiring the wonder of the place. They say of themselves:

Welcome to the Eye Revolution web site. Eye Revolution is not simply a virtual tour company. We are professional photographers, with a photographer's eye for detail and quality. So you can be assured of the highest possible quality tour. Your space can inspire, excite and intrigue - for a virtual tour that will do the same, come inside.

Will Pearson, the guy who does the photography, I think, has some stunning work. Check out this Hyde Park. More available via this link.
Wow, go check it out. You'll love it!

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