15 April 2009

Moving on

A brief post today. I am moving on in the morning to have a short break before returning to seminary for the final stint. It will be sad to leave the parish, here in Wolverhampton. So many wonderful memories, so much growing and such prayer and love shared with me. Thank you, to one and to all. One is tempted to quote Shakespeare, or the like, but maybe it's best just to say thank you, and leave it at that.

The three month mark has, as noted today, passed by in the excitement of Easter. Less than three months now folks! Get your hats ready and your shoes polished. I've heard that there are going to be a couple of coaches coming up to the cathedral: so get there early to be seated. As if!!

Finally, thank you for all your wonderful words of encouragement. Thank you most especially to God, for bringing me to this wonderful point in my life. I read the new Archbishop of New York's homily today, here, on Whispers in the Loggia. Timothy Dolan is such an inspiration. His book, Priests for the Third Millennium, is a great read. In his homily, he talks so warmly of the love and grateful thanks he has for God. Truly worth taking a few minutes to read it.

So, my fellow bloggers, keep doing what you do best.

Oh, and thanks, humblepiety, for this great pic!

PS You cannot see me, or at least I cannot see me, but be assured I am in the midst of them all, and carrying the Chrism oil to boot.

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  1. Prayers for your vocation as a priest, Paul. Tis a generous heart that answers God's challenge to be "all that you can be".



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