25 March 2009


Just love this interpretation of the Annunciation by Collier. I came across it on Fr Dwight's blog, here.

I was, particularly, struck by the modern interpretation of the classic scene. It is, evidently, a version of Fra Angelico's wonderful Annunciation with the door column seeming to replace the terrace column of the original. Also, theologically interesting, at least, is the eye line of the Virgin and the Angel. Notice that whilst the angel is quite clearly 'larger', in so much as Mary is but yet a child in many ways, because of the mat, and the position in the picture, she is above the angel in the hierarchy of being. Gabriel lowers himself in respect for whom he addresses, even though he brings the message of Almighty God, the very question upon which all creation awaits an answer. The whole of creation groaning in a new rebirth.
I also love the masculinity of Gabriel in this interpretation. He is evidently male and yet could be described as asexual, given the hairstyle, the wings and especially the dress. In her blue schoolgirl dress, Mary is quite feminine, and yet clearly innocent, too. When you compare the two characters Gabriel's masulinity seems, to me, to be just right.
Also, note that the house in the background looks very similar to that of Mary's home, suggesting, to me at least, that Mary is very human, just like you and I. She, who was to become the Mother of God, could so easily have had another life, or indeed God might have chosen someone else entirely as the one to whom he would send his mighty angel.


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