10 March 2009

Saint John Ogilvie SJ

1579 - 1615

Scotland's only post-Reformation saint. Born into a Calvinist family in Keith (Moray), Ogilvie was educated in Europe and converted to Catholicism in 1596. He continued his education in Regensburg (Germany) and Brno (Czech Republic) before being ordained as a Priest in Paris (1610). He returned to Scotland in 1613 disguised as a soldier and secretly offered mass to Scottish Catholics. However, he was captured by the authorities, tried in Edinburgh and hanged at Glasgow Cross. Ogilvie was canonised by Pope Paul VI in 1976 following the miraculous recovery of a cancer-sufferer from Easterhouse, where there is a Catholic church named in Ogilvie's honour. There is also a St. John Ogilvie Church in Irvine (North Ayrshire) and High Blantyre (South Lanarkshire).

There's also a wonderful parish in Corby, England named after this lesser known Scottish saint. I understand this may be due, in no small part, to all the Scottish miners, who settled into the area.

He was, daresay still is, an amazing Jesuit. I rather wish I had taken him as my confirmation saint, now, as I had originally planned. Still, St Peter has seen me right!

Further details on this great Saint are available on sqpn.com.
St. John Ogilvie, pray for us.

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