12 March 2009

Rome says No!

This is the post of my neighbour and fellow blogger, David, who write as the Fullness of Faith. He says:
Yesterday I heard that Rome (the CDF I believe) have not granted my dispensation. I shan't go into the reasons here, but in case other people read this who are awaiting for dispensations I would counsel them not to be too worried, as my case is somewhat unusual!
David was awaiting dispensation to get ordained to the Catholic priesthood - having been ordained an Anglican Priest and converting to Catholicism. He moved into the adjoining room, here at Oscott, over the past 18 months or so, we've come to get to know one another well. The news came as a total shock to me. I'd not experienced the powers that be saying 'no' before. It only goes to show how we simply do not know the future.

I would encourage you to read David's post. He speaks well on the role of the magisterium in our lives and the need to be ever reminded that they offer, for us, a sound and lasting stability.

I daresay they get it wrong from time to time. Certainly the Pope's letter to the bishops of the world, due, I think, for publication tomorrow, speaks with candour for the need of the magisterium to be mindful of the Internet in order that mistakes are not made. He is, no doubt, talking of the widely known antisemitic views of the SSPX bishop, Williamson, recently Re-communicated (is that a word?).

Please, pray for David, his wife and their children. These are, no doubt, difficult times. It is hard, sometimes, to see the action of the Lord in our lives. He is always at work and always seeking to draw us ever closer to Himself. If we can but trust. Trust that He has only our best interest at heart. Even when the proverbial has hit the fan and flying all about us, when we can no longer see into tomorrow, much less next week, next month or even next year, then can our faith drive us on. Only through faith can we leap into the dark in the sure and certain hope that we will find the light.

Pax vobiscum, David, pax.

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