18 March 2009

St Joseph

I have a funny tale to tell of St Joseph. Well, perhaps others will think me awful, but nonetheless, it is a truth. Whilst the late pope, John Paul II, was extremely ill in 2004, I recall my neighbour at the time, Ed, a fellow seminarian and I would often talk of his likely fate. Often I would say something like - "ah, well, we must pray to St Joseph for a quick end", or some such comment. Can you imagine my shock at what I had been saying when, in the spirit of fraternal correction, my good friend rebuked me and said, "no, Paul, we pray to St Joseph for a holy death". The shame. I never forgot it, and even today say sorry, when I recall the error, to Pope John Paul the Great, who I feel sure understands me.

1 comment:

  1. Naughty!

    Don't worry though... We always have a tendency to feel worse about our own dropped clangers when they come back to haunt us and I'm sure many many people would say similar without any intention of wishing someone deceased quicker than they ought. And, besides, isn't every 'end' quick? Inasmuch as one is alive one moment and not the next. And yes, I'm a grammatical pedant from time to time. :)

    I'm sure there's no ill-feeling or rebuke from the late great Pope John Paul II.



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