13 March 2009

Prayer - that lesser discussed lenten observance

It strikes me that prayer is often overlooked during Lent. We will often talk of what we are giving up for Lent; indeed, I have done so already on this blog. Fasting is a fail-safe for Lent. Here at Oscott, we have communally given up puddings, for the season, and regularly fast on a Friday (though the paté on toast is always a mystery to me) and give the money to the poor.

Almsgiving, to another extent, is a regular of Lent. CAFOD Fast Days, especially the Lenten one, is a great opportunity to remind us that we fast for a reason, not simply out of habit. Giving the money saved to the poor is a wonderful means of doing more. It's a way to remind us that there are others who have less than we do. We must never forget the words of St Ambrose:
"the beauty of wealth lies not in the manner of life of the rich but in food given to the poor; wealth is more resplendent among those who are weak and in want; Christians should learn to use money in looking not for their own goods but for Christ's, so that Christ in turn may look after them."
To this end, I wanted to remind you, or, indeed, introduce you to, a triptych of websites, which I find helpful in my prayer life. Pray as you go (I was reminded by a friend on the telephone tonight) is a wonderful site with a daily gospel reading and reflection/meditation to aid you in prayer. It has some wonderful music to help with your prayers too, and is aimed at the audio generation. Sacred Space, another Jesuit website, offers less audio and more visual simple prayers to follow. I guess, good for people who prefer to read prayers than to listen on the old ipod. Finally, and don't we love things in threes, there is Radiant Light, for those who prefer the visual. The simply stunning work of Elizabeth Wang, offers many, many images to reflect upon.

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  1. Sacred Space is a wonderful site. I've enjoyed it for several years. Thanks for posting it here for other people to find.



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