25 May 2010


There you have it. 25,000 Visitors in a little over a year. Who would have thought it? Thanks to one and all for your support, prayers, kindness and encouragement.


  1. Yes Father, its wonderful but I've personally visited twenty four and a half thousand times!

    (not really)

  2. Sorry, shadowlands, you are most correct. It should read 'thanks to shadowlands and all' since you're probably my number one fan! Haven't seen you on here in a day or two. All well? I prayed for you at EP tonight - for whatever your needs are at this time. Fr P.

  3. I am OK, my mom is just out of hospital after a stroke in March so we are all readjusting to that. She is doing well though, thank God.

    Thank you for your prayers, I am very grateful to you.



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