19 May 2010

Let's get ready for something completely different: unique!

Archbishop Vincent, speaking on the 4th May, tells of how Pope Benedict XVI's visit to the UK will be different to that of the late Pope John Paul II. He tells of how, on the Friday, the Pope will not celebrate a public Mass. He then talks of the speech scheduled for Westminster Hall when St Thomas More was condemned to death. Powerful stuff. You can listen to the prelate here. He says:
He’ll [Pope Benedict] speak from Westminster Hall in possibly the most important address of the whole visit. In that historic setting which captures so much of the history of this country, which poignantly is the place where Thomas More was condemned to death. He will address civic society, and I’m quite sure will start at the point at which everybody can enter. And he will encourage, he’ll invite, he will as you were try to cast a bit of light - but it will not be a proselytising act at all.
Don't forget you can stay abreast of developments and plans for the visit by checking on to the official website: www.thepapalvisit.org.uk

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