20 May 2010

Where in the bible is...

How often have you found yourself searching online for a quote from Scripture and just cannot find it because the only versions available were not Catholic? Well now this is a thing of the past. This exciting story from zenit leads to a new resource part funded by the American Bishops.

A new online Catholic Bible search engine, which enables people to find specific Scripture passages using keywords, was launched last week.

The program was officially released to the public on May 13 by Catholic.net.

The press release noted that this is the first complete Catholic Bible made available for keyword search.

It added that an English and Spanish Bible, both translations approved by the Vatican, are being offered for searching through the program.

The search engine allows users to share Bible passages with their blogs, with Facebook and Twitter, and with other social media Web sites.

It also allows people to add a search widget to their own personal Web page.

The project was undertaken with partial funding from the U.S. bishops' conference, and with the help of volunteers from a Catholic.net social aid program in Mexico.

Rosalia Tenorio, director of Catholic.net, expressed the hope that this tool will "help the faithful in their Biblical studies and to facilitate Scripture sharing."

Bible search engine: http://www.bible.catholic.net/
It says you can put it on your website. This is a little beyond my capabilities at the moment - but given time all things are possible. Watch this space!

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