21 May 2010

I love being a priest

Whilst this forum is not one for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, I have to confess to you that not only do I love being a priest but I wantonly indulge, from time to time, in reading material that makes me feel good about being a priest. It's probably fair to say that a little more sacrifice from time to time would not go amiss.

This morning caught me reading a great article from Fr James Farfaglia, entitled "I love being a Catholic Priest." The title alone would, of course, catch my attention. He recounts a few anecdotes along the route of the piece but one which gave me that warm glowing sensation included:

One morning, I was pouring myself a hot cup of coffee in the kitchen and a priest friend came through the kitchen, his face beaming with his characteristic joviality. "Come here," he said, "I need to show you something." Father had just celebrated his birthday and he had bought himself a little present. As he carefully opened the box he looked at me with the anticipation of a small boy with a new toy and cheerfully said, "Look at this!" What he was showing me was a beautifully stitched corporal and matching altar cloth that he had ordered from a liturgical supply company for his celebration of the Mass. "This new corporal and new altar cloth will remind me to say Mass better and better," he exclaimed. I was profoundly moved by his words.
September is the month for birthday presents but it's got me to thinking...


  1. And don't forget your one year anniversary of being ordained, that deserves a treat surely. Was it July 12th Father, or am I way out?

  2. Shadowlands, you are quite correct and thank you for your prayers and thoughts. God bless you.



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