8 May 2010

Holy Order

In a couple of week's I'm due to give a talk on the 'history of the priesthood' and was just involved in some research. During this quest the above image caught my attention and I just wanted to share it with you. It's from a 1925 prayer card, apparently. Are those being ordained half wearing chasubles already? Also, it seems an interesting means of the presbyterate 'laying hands' on the newly ordained. It rather put me in mind of concelebration, yet this rite is clearly pre-Vat II. Hmm, some interesting thoughts...


  1. In 1979 I attended an ordination in the new rite. On the following day I visited an exhibition in a parish celebrating 150 years in which was shown a photograph of an ordination to the priesthood which had taken place in the church in 1916 and was very struck by the image of the bishop and other priests frozen in the precise gesture I had witnessed the previous day. Having lived through the period of liturgical reform I found this image of visual continuity very moving and have never forgotten it.
    Incidentally I recall being told during the reforms that concelebration was not just a return to an earlier practice but had never been wholly suppressed- it being the custom at ordinations.

  2. Thanks, Patricius, for these memories. Indeed, I think we do well to recall that Vat II was less innovation and more a return to our roots. A clarification, if you like. Thanks for sharing this.



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