9 May 2010

Religion and Politics

There are two things, they say, which you ought not to discuss at dinner parties: Politics and Religion.

Just recently we hosted a hustings at the Church for our parliamentary candidates. It was well attended, quite exciting and got me to thinking about how, in recent years, politics has rather drifted from my life. Twenty years ago I might have been able to name the entire cabinet. That's one party trick which is now in the past. Fascinating, none the less, to wonder: are all the cabinet ministers still in situ as is Gordon Brown? Matthew Parris made a good point on Andrew Marr today. It's not entirely fair to say Gordon Brown is squatting at No. 10 since he's doing his duty in remaining PM whilst David Cameron tries to form a viable government.

This week's HIGNFY was particularly funny. The audience were roaring with laughter, including the terrible gag about a dead kitten in Paul Merton's pocket which was mildly more amusing than Harriet Harman. Go watch it here.

How exciting is the world of politics in the UK at the moment. Do you think Lord 'Paddy Ashdown will do, we know each other' Ashdown is right to say that the tone of discourse has changed in UK politics? Time will tell. I'm rather more suspicious that Andrew Marr was right to warn the Lib Dem's of the lion and the lamb sitting down together. Not least, what happens when the lion gets hungry. Oops, no lamb!

"The country has spoken - but we don't know what they've said" - Lord Ashdown


  1. As I understand it, the PM is right to remain where he is until there's a viable Government. All Ministers remain in post unless dismissed by the current PM.

    God bless.

  2. Thanks, Victor, for the clarification.



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